Warning and Disclaimer:

Make sure that the firearm is unloaded before going further. By modifing firearms using the information on these project pages and their downloadable versions, you are accepting personal responsiblity for any damage to the firearms and/or property. In addition, you agree to be responsible for making sure that the firearm passes all safety checks after modification. If you do not feel competent to make such checks, do not attempt modifications.

Also, the rules of Gun Tinkerin' are DON'T DO IT if:

  • You can't follow all firearm safety rules.
  • You won’t take it to a professional for repair if it fails a safety function test after modification.
  • You don't want to void your factory warranty.
  • You don't feel sure of your skills.
  • You can't afford to fix it professionally if you mess up.
  • It is five days until hunting season and it is your only hunting firearm.
  • You stake your life on that one firearm daily.
  • You can't follow all firearm safety rules.

I have read and agree
with the above.
spacer.gif (43 bytes) I do not agree.


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